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Month: October 2014

The things they never told you about parenting!

Title - I'm your mother I'd never lie to youI’m your mother, I would never lie to you… Unless I’m trying to cover my own butt, saving you from getting your feelings hurt or just trying to preserve what sanity I have left!

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Cope with Breadwinner Envy in 5 Simple Steps

Title - Coping with Breadwinner Envy


I wasn’t always the envious kind. In fact no more than twelve months ago I was the breadwinner and it didn’t seem like a big deal. I looked forward to the prospect of being a SAHM or ‘stay at home mum’, I was dying to be free of the once loved work place I had came to abhor. Being a part of the most trusted profession worldwide for 2013 was no longer a moral ego boost, my time had come to leave the Ambulance Service. Everything was awesome. 

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To Love a Racist Neighbour

Title - To love a racist neighbour

Its interesting that in a country such as Australia where pre-colonization was inhabited by Indigenous Aboriginal people and continually so, and in a suburb high in Polynesian & other ethnic populations, that we should awake to posters about Nazi Germany and white supremacy peering in to our back yard: Our family who are Greek, Maori, Asian with German Australian blood. Continue reading


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