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Month: May 2015

I Didn’t Fall In Love With My Husband

These days people speak of true love as being a fairy tale come true, he’s my knight in shining armor come save me from everlasting woe’, or to save us from those cold winter nights alone. Love itself is so misunderstood that some find themselves in unhealthy relationships purely because being with somebody is better than being with nobody, as if being alone means to be unwanted.   Continue reading

True Story!

Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

Title---From-Pain-&-Suffering-to-Grace-&-EaseI was sitting with a friend today and she expressed the struggles she was having with duties she was performing in her life and she turned to me and said, “You came to my mind, you are so graceful even under pressure, how do you do it?”

I’ve been thinking about that statement, there have been women in my life that i have looked up to, maybe it was the way they did things, whether public speaking or the way she moved, the way she conducted herself or the way she was with her children. When describing what characteristic it was that was appealing to me, it was that she was able to perform all these things with grace and easeContinue reading

Seize Teaching Opportunities

Some days, being a step-parent is hard. Heck, some days being a parent period is hard. Well the other day we had an abnormally physical situation in our home. Children A & B had a friend over and whilst playing on the Wii one decided to be a sore loser and lashed out at the other. Child A punched child B, and child B proceeded to kick Child A in the stomach, not particularly the kind of behavior we tolerate in our household. Continue reading

The Better For You Peanut Butter Oatmeal & Choc Chip Cookies

Oh.My.Goodness.Okay so I have a raging sweet tooth, it’s an affliction really. It never used to be that way, until mother dearest moved in and she who expresses her love through baking all kinds of delicious badness would bake until the cows came home, or at least till this cow came home from night shift to graze on freshly baked badness. Darn.

With our little one having sugar sensitivities I’ve had to clean up a recipe or two to make it fine for him to eat & satisfy one & all.  Continue reading

Words of comfort during depression or anxiety

I loved you at your darkest — Romans 5:8

Some days there is a voice inside my head that screams to the tips of my toes & resonates all around me.  This voice doesn’t sound like my own:

“Stop it.  Stop doing this to me. It’s too much. You can’t do this. Just stop!” Continue reading

Do you complain too much?

Today I decided to give myself to a little thought & prayer in the hopes that by laying things like food aside my mind might be open to a little more clarity… Who would’ve thought that you could receive ‘clarity’ through a small thing like fasting and prayer.

In the midst of my fast I was caught up in the realization that I can really complain a lot. Continue reading

Making Moments Special

Tonight we decided to do something different… Husband and I recently read an interesting article on Chelsea Dyreng’s Vitamin C. It was a post about having children who didn’t want to talk to you (i.e. teenagers) and possible ways to interact with them. Given that we already have one teenager who prefers not to come around,  at home we have two young lads & a slightly pre-pubescent  tween so in anticipation of this I thought it’d be great to get a running start before all hormone hell breaks loose in our house. Continue reading


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