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Month: June 2015

I Let My 3 Year Old Sew

No I do not run a sweat shop in our school room. There’s just something enthralling about sewing to a three year old!

Such Concentration!

Such Concentration As He Threads!

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It always starts at home

It always starts at home


When our hearts are turned towards our ancestors something changes inside us — Russel M Nelson

Sometimes There Just Aren’t Words

It’s a given, all those who are born eventually pass through the veil and return to the God who created them, the time we are each given in this life is varied and can not ever be predicted with exactness.

Sooner or later we all come in to contact with death Continue reading

I Am The Worst Mother In The World

Let’s hang out and not communicate

It’s true: I’m the worst mother in the world.

While all the cool kids are wearing fancy label clothes and shopping unsupervised with their friends, our poor children are at home wearing hand me downs playing with each other and if they want to go shopping it will be with a chaperone.   Continue reading


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