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School Pick Up’s and Tears!

When the pointless, unnecessary “I don’t even know why I’m crying” tears just keep coming, the show must go on… At least we’ve got Mummy and Me and Daddy and Me date night to look forward to!

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Running errands wouldn’t be nearly as fun if we didn’t sing with the radio… You know that crazy lady jamming behind you in the rear view? Well that’s me! Continue reading

Good afternoon! So our average school run turned in to a mad dash to find a toilet for child number 3.  What a rush the afternoon was!

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So today I made Coconut and Cashew pasta for lunch and Ben walks in to the kitchen saying

“That smells yuck! Could I have a tuna sandwich?”

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Children of Divorce Raising Children of Divorce

So I recently read a blog post by Annabashedly about loving differently as a result of being a child of divorce and I can’t help but admit that she really hit the nail on the head! This sweetly composed introspective post emanated with me catching me completely off guard because being in my mid 30’s I hadn’t actually thought about it for a very long time.  In fact, I hadn’t realized that I am a child of divorced parents, my husband is a child of divorce, and we are raising our babies who are children of divorce.  Continue reading

Seize Teaching Opportunities

Some days, being a step-parent is hard. Heck, some days being a parent period is hard. Well the other day we had an abnormally physical situation in our home. Children A & B had a friend over and whilst playing on the Wii one decided to be a sore loser and lashed out at the other. Child A punched child B, and child B proceeded to kick Child A in the stomach, not particularly the kind of behavior we tolerate in our household. Continue reading

Making Moments Special

Tonight we decided to do something different… Husband and I recently read an interesting article on Chelsea Dyreng’s Vitamin C. It was a post about having children who didn’t want to talk to you (i.e. teenagers) and possible ways to interact with them. Given that we already have one teenager who prefers not to come around,  at home we have two young lads & a slightly pre-pubescent  tween so in anticipation of this I thought it’d be great to get a running start before all hormone hell breaks loose in our house. Continue reading

Nice Psycho Mummy

Let’s be honest, all mummy’s have days where secretly they want to scream in the face of the enemy & startle them in to retreat, in this case the enemy is your own flesh & blood who can’t get through a single hour without whining, complaining, questioning, hurting, touching, mimicking or who knows what. But hey if your life is all cheese & sprinkles than that’s just fantastic. Continue reading

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