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When nothing is going right, here’s how I get myself through

Where Did All the Sunshine Go?

Hey folks! Those who know me best know that I have a history of depression [We’re getting straight to the point today]. I must apologize for being away for some time, I have to admit that for the first time in almost 9 years it’s back & has been kicking my butt something chronic. Thanks be to my wonderful patient and ever loving husband for putting up with what a healthy balanced person could only describe as

“an utterly and completely messed up woman”

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We’re Having A Rough Rough Day Round Here

So once again aiming high and trying to put a bra on before lunch time. I never said I was glamorous. I woke up feeling like rubbish and the lack of ‘togetherness’ is oozing out my pores. Stuff it. We all have bad days.  Continue reading

Sometimes There Just Aren’t Words

It’s a given, all those who are born eventually pass through the veil and return to the God who created them, the time we are each given in this life is varied and can not ever be predicted with exactness.

Sooner or later we all come in to contact with death Continue reading

Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

Title---From-Pain-&-Suffering-to-Grace-&-EaseI was sitting with a friend today and she expressed the struggles she was having with duties she was performing in her life and she turned to me and said, “You came to my mind, you are so graceful even under pressure, how do you do it?”

I’ve been thinking about that statement, there have been women in my life that i have looked up to, maybe it was the way they did things, whether public speaking or the way she moved, the way she conducted herself or the way she was with her children. When describing what characteristic it was that was appealing to me, it was that she was able to perform all these things with grace and easeContinue reading

Seize Teaching Opportunities

Some days, being a step-parent is hard. Heck, some days being a parent period is hard. Well the other day we had an abnormally physical situation in our home. Children A & B had a friend over and whilst playing on the Wii one decided to be a sore loser and lashed out at the other. Child A punched child B, and child B proceeded to kick Child A in the stomach, not particularly the kind of behavior we tolerate in our household. Continue reading

Words of comfort during depression or anxiety

I loved you at your darkest — Romans 5:8

Some days there is a voice inside my head that screams to the tips of my toes & resonates all around me.  This voice doesn’t sound like my own:

“Stop it.  Stop doing this to me. It’s too much. You can’t do this. Just stop!” Continue reading

Do you complain too much?

Today I decided to give myself to a little thought & prayer in the hopes that by laying things like food aside my mind might be open to a little more clarity… Who would’ve thought that you could receive ‘clarity’ through a small thing like fasting and prayer.

In the midst of my fast I was caught up in the realization that I can really complain a lot. Continue reading

Cope with Breadwinner Envy in 5 Simple Steps

Title - Coping with Breadwinner Envy


I wasn’t always the envious kind. In fact no more than twelve months ago I was the breadwinner and it didn’t seem like a big deal. I looked forward to the prospect of being a SAHM or ‘stay at home mum’, I was dying to be free of the once loved work place I had came to abhor. Being a part of the most trusted profession worldwide for 2013 was no longer a moral ego boost, my time had come to leave the Ambulance Service. Everything was awesome. 

How naive could I have been? Continue reading

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