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When our hearts are turned towards our ancestors something changes inside us — Russel M Nelson

Find my Family Part 1: When something changes everything

Title - Find my family - part1Ever since I was a young girl I have memories of my Papa (my mothers father) telling us stories of his upbringing & our heritage. He was very proud of the humble circumstances from which he was raised as he learned skills such as resilience, mental ‘toughness’ and resourcefulness which he may not have learned to so finely tune under any other circumstance. Continue reading

His & Her Story

Have you ever wondered where you came from? If it were possible for you to count back 25 generations of “mother-father” links only, would you know how many lives it took to intertwine in order for you to eventually come about? Have you ever wondered what history took place in your family? Perhaps you’ve looked at generations of your already completed family tree and seen that “it’s wonderful”, or maybe you’ve looked at it & can only see as far back as your parents. Continue reading


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