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Pizza So Easy Even a 4 Year Old Could Make It!

Hi! So we’re kinda going through a pizza craze in our house. I used to be really sucky at making pizza dough and now that I’ve found this wicked good recipe we’ve been having it for hmmm only the last four days.

It takes 5 minutes to mix up and 20 minutes to rest before you slather on the toppings and throw it in the oven, Can you blame me for thrashing it?

I don’t think it’s that bad? My husband however may be a little bit over it but, I’m not going to ask him. I’ll just cook something else for the next few days.

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Italian Zucchini Meatless Meat Balls

Yum! Now that zucchini’s are on sale for $2 kg I’ve needed recipes that satisfy… This one I rather love! Try what you will, don’t just stick to the recipe, throw in your own flavors and mess around with the quantities till your taste buds are ccontent!

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Don’t Waste Money, Make Your Own Bulk Soup Mix!

Today I’m feeling pretty darn cool, maybe even neat. Nothing overly dramatic has taken place except I have a new thing. What new thing could possibly be worth sharing? Well, what new thing isn’t? I am learning to be wait for it… Continue reading

The Better For You Peanut Butter Oatmeal & Choc Chip Cookies

Oh.My.Goodness.Okay so I have a raging sweet tooth, it’s an affliction really. It never used to be that way, until mother dearest moved in and she who expresses her love through baking all kinds of delicious badness would bake until the cows came home, or at least till this cow came home from night shift to graze on freshly baked badness. Darn.

With our little one having sugar sensitivities I’ve had to clean up a recipe or two to make it fine for him to eat & satisfy one & all.  Continue reading

Holy bliss balls batman – it’s a bad day to quit sugar!

I count my blessings in that 7pm is bedtime in our household. I count them because some days I only need one hand!

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