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Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

Title---From-Pain-&-Suffering-to-Grace-&-EaseI was sitting with a friend today and she expressed the struggles she was having with duties she was performing in her life and she turned to me and said, “You came to my mind, you are so graceful even under pressure, how do you do it?”

I’ve been thinking about that statement, there have been women in my life that i have looked up to, maybe it was the way they did things, whether public speaking or the way she moved, the way she conducted herself or the way she was with her children. When describing what characteristic it was that was appealing to me, it was that she was able to perform all these things with grace and easeContinue reading

The things they never told you about parenting!

Title - I'm your mother I'd never lie to youI’m your mother, I would never lie to you… Unless I’m trying to cover my own butt, saving you from getting your feelings hurt or just trying to preserve what sanity I have left!

Continue reading


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