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Children of Divorce Raising Children of Divorce

So I recently read a blog post by Annabashedly about loving differently as a result of being a child of divorce and I can’t help but admit that she really hit the nail on the head! This sweetly composed introspective post emanated with me catching me completely off guard because being in my mid 30’s I hadn’t actually thought about it for a very long time.  In fact, I hadn’t realized that I am a child of divorced parents, my husband is a child of divorce, and we are raising our babies who are children of divorce.  Continue reading

Sometimes There Just Aren’t Words

It’s a given, all those who are born eventually pass through the veil and return to the God who created them, the time we are each given in this life is varied and can not ever be predicted with exactness.

Sooner or later we all come in to contact with death Continue reading

I Didn’t Fall In Love With My Husband

These days people speak of true love as being a fairy tale come true, he’s my knight in shining armor come save me from everlasting woe’, or to save us from those cold winter nights alone. Love itself is so misunderstood that some find themselves in unhealthy relationships purely because being with somebody is better than being with nobody, as if being alone means to be unwanted.   Continue reading

To Love a Racist Neighbour

Title - To love a racist neighbour

Its interesting that in a country such as Australia where pre-colonization was inhabited by Indigenous Aboriginal people and continually so, and in a suburb high in Polynesian & other ethnic populations, that we should awake to posters about Nazi Germany and white supremacy peering in to our back yard: Our family who are Greek, Maori, Asian with German Australian blood. Continue reading


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