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Two Christmases in December

When you’re a ‘blended family’ or in our case one who shares custody of multiple children sometimes special holidays or birthdays can be difficult to navigate. Difficult being the understatement of the step-parent year.

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The things they never told you about parenting!

Title - I'm your mother I'd never lie to youI’m your mother, I would never lie to you… Unless I’m trying to cover my own butt, saving you from getting your feelings hurt or just trying to preserve what sanity I have left!

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14 hours. One car. Two adults. Three children. Part 2

14 hours 1 car 2 adults 3 children - part2

We did it! What we thought would take 14 hours actually took a whopping 22! Give or take a toilet stop. In all honesty tho it was due to  Continue reading

14 hours. One car. Two adults. Three children. Part 1


If you’ve ever been locked in a car with a family of five for a prolonged period of time you could probably understand the children and often adults desire to inflict bodily harm on one another.
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How to not be a mediocre step parent

Okay, I have been at this step-parenting thing for a little while now and there’s a few points which I have learned are extremely important. Taking in to account that relationships have an ever evolving nature, the following steps have helped my relationship with my step children to progress at a rate which they are comfortable with and if I might add, have profoundly deepened the love that I have for them.

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A quote by Darlene Schacht

Purpose is found in those quiet moments when no one but God sees the work of your hands

Holy bliss balls batman – it’s a bad day to quit sugar!

I count my blessings in that 7pm is bedtime in our household. I count them because some days I only need one hand!

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Have a good day – In 5 simple steps

If there is anything I notice its the way I feel after one bad day after another. Even if there’s a good day or two in between, the negatives tend to overshadow the positives calling out to me  “don’t count the positives – count me instead!” Lately, having noticed the increased number of bad days I’ve found myself waking in the morning contemplating ways to improve the quality of the mood in my day. Over time I’ve realized that when the number of down days I experience becomes noticeable something I am doing in my regular routine or behavior is lacking. So I have to make a conscious effort to improve my mood.

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