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It always starts at home

It always starts at home

Making Moments Special

Tonight we decided to do something different… Husband and I recently read an interesting article on Chelsea Dyreng’s Vitamin C. It was a post about having children who didn’t want to talk to you (i.e. teenagers) and possible ways to interact with them. Given that we already have one teenager who prefers not to come around,  at home we have two young lads & a slightly pre-pubescent  tween so in anticipation of this I thought it’d be great to get a running start before all hormone hell breaks loose in our house. Continue reading

Worry about “How” later…

Often times we seek for guidance in our waking lives, “what school should the kids attend?” or “Should I turn left or right?”. We ponder all the options, we become expert in listing pros and cons, and occasionally

Continue reading


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