Today I decided to give myself to a little thought & prayer in the hopes that by laying things like food aside my mind might be open to a little more clarity… Who would’ve thought that you could receive ‘clarity’ through a small thing like fasting and prayer.

In the midst of my fast I was caught up in the realization that I can really complain a lot.

While I was carrying a jar of passata upstairs I thought “some people don’t have passata”, in fact some people don’t have pantries, furthermore some people don’t have food in the pantries that they do have.

While picking up a spider man mask I was reminded that some people don’t have children to leave their toys laying around, and that I should be grateful I have somebody to pick up after.

After having a discussion with a friend I realized that I’m pretty lucky to have somebody to talk to.

After getting annoyed at my husband I realized “he’s really not that bad, some people would be happy to have half as good a husband as I have”. And it’s true, my husband is actually quite awesome, and I don’t tell him as often as I should.

And then it hit me: I complain too often. What do I complain about? Well, things that seem so normal it seems like I complain about everything.

Is anything really ever good enough?Gratitude

Be honest now, when a child makes their bed & it looks terrible, do you say to yourself “that looks terrible! I’ll have to fix it when he’s not looking” or do you say “wow, my child made his own bed and that is awesome”. 

When all you’ve got in the freezer is minced meat do you say “mince again!?” or do you say “thank heavens we have food”. 

So with that, I think I need to check myself. Starting with today I’m going to do my best not to complain about anything for an entire week. Instead I’m going to either seek out the positive, or simply be quiet (you know the saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say…” can well all nod our heads and say “yes mum”)

How hard could it be, right? Give it a try if you like!