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Don’t Waste Money, Make Your Own Bulk Soup Mix!

Today I’m feeling pretty darn cool, maybe even neat. Nothing overly dramatic has taken place except I have a new thing. What new thing could possibly be worth sharing? Well, what new thing isn’t? I am learning to be wait for it…

Self Reliant!

Now, that’s okay if you don’t understand. I have a condition called ‘awesome’, so unless you suffer from the same such condition, it might not sink in for you.

What is Self Reliance? Well, it is exactly that, it is to be Self Reliant. Now I can already see some of you rolling your eyes but answer me this: If there were a particular event, natural disaster or loss of income in the home – how would you survive? Now you might think that to dredge up the ol’ natural disasters thing is a bit far fetched but let me bring you back to 2011 when the floods hit in Queensland, now I know wasn’t expecting there to be a tsunami coming from inland rather than from the ocean [you know, the one that touches the shore approximately 800m from our home]. Remember how main roads to certain towns were blocked so the supply trucks couldn’t get in, leaving Woolworths and every other supermarket bereft of everything? Who’s to say that that sort of event couldn’t happen again? I remember while working in the Ambulance service patients living 15 minutes from my own residence were cut off from medical assistance, patients waited at least a day and a half to be seen for chest pain and other potentially life threatening ailments, others were assisted by Paramedic’s rolling up to their door step on jet ski’s in the middle of suburbia (yes, it happened – because somebody wouldn’t leave their home when they could, but that’s a story for another day). The point that I’m trying to make is that these things happen, they have happened!

So if anything were to happen to our family we would want to be prepared, wouldn’t you?

So, that brings me back to my latest thing. I’ve begun making my own supply of jar mixes i.e. Cream of Mushroom Soup!On it’s own it doesn’t seem overly exciting, but you can add it to dishes with red meat, tuna, soups, you name it – it’s delicious! Last night Miss 11 made her very own Easy Tuna Rice with this mix, which takes all of 15 minutes  and it was divine.

I had most of the spices in my cupboard already, here’s how the cost is broken down:

  • Powdered Milk $5.69 at Aldi but you’re only using around 2/3 so around $3.80
  • Beef Stock $3.69 at Woolworths but you only use around 1/2 so $1.80 give or take
  • Dried shiitake mushrooms $2.30 each, 2 packs used equals $4.60
  • Cornflour $1.39 from Aldi for 300g but you only use around 190g costing approx $0.92c

All up it cost me around $11.12c to make 2ltrs of dry cream of mushroom soup mix, which will make over 40 cups of deliciousness, and if that deliciousness is used as a base to something else then it goes even further! 


Nan would be proud!

So enough of the math, here’s the recipe – make some of your own & start saving some money!
4 c milk powder ($5.69 1kg at Aldi)
1 1/2 Cups cornstarch ($1.39 for 300g at Aldi)
1/2 Cup chicken bouillon granules ($3.69 for 180g at Woollies)
1/3 Cup chopped dry onion (If you don’t already have it it’s $2.80 for 40g at Woollies, don’t get me started on how expensive spices are at Woollies…)
2 tsp italian herbs ($2.35 for 10g at Woollies)
1 tsp garlic powder ($2.95 for 50g at Woollies)
1/2 tsp black pepper ($3.45 for 100g at Woollies)

You can also add Red Pepper Powder (if you can find it), around 1/2 tsp. I didn’t add this but we have someone in our home with allergies so frequently omit it in our recipes.

Instructions: Pop each of the above ingredients in to a large jar, shake it all about (with the lid on of course!) and voila! You have a ridiculously awesome amount of home made cream of mushroom soup mix, and if you store it in a glass jar it will last at least twice as long than in a plastic jar, not forgetting much nicer on the environment!

Cooking Instructions: Add 1/3c of mix added to 1 1/2c of boiling water and simmer on the stove to thicken. This is equivalent to one can of Campbells Cream of Mushroom soup from the can.

A little extra math: 1x420g can of Campbells from Woollies is $1.95, you get the equivalent of around 24 cans, 24 cans x $1.95 = $46.80 – and today I spent under a quarter of that making my own, without all the preservatives & extra ‘stuff’ used to fill the can, and you can too

Do it, you know you want to!

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  1. Sure, you can buy an 8-ounce packet of peas in an herbed butter sauce, but why do so when you can make your own? Just cook the peas, add a pat of butter and sprinkle on some herbs that you already have on hand. The same thing goes for carrots with dill sauce and other gourmet veggies.

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