If there is anything I notice its the way I feel after one bad day after another. Even if there’s a good day or two in between, the negatives tend to overshadow the positives calling out to me  “don’t count the positives – count me instead!” Lately, having noticed the increased number of bad days I’ve found myself waking in the morning contemplating ways to improve the quality of the mood in my day. Over time I’ve realized that when the number of down days I experience becomes noticeable something I am doing in my regular routine or behavior is lacking. So I have to make a conscious effort to improve my mood.

Title - Have a good day in 5 simple steps

Here are five ways which I have learned help me to improve and almost guarantee that I have a good day, regardless of what the day decides to throw at me:


  1. Start the night before: Make the lunches, do the quick tidy, get clothing and school uniforms ready. You will thank yourself in the morning. You’re welcome!
  2. Make a conscious decision to BE better: Decide to react calmly, decide to be nicer, decide that the behavior you exhibit will be better than it was yesterday.
  3. Find your “Zen”: Seek peace, meditate, pray, do what you need to do to center yourself mentally and take a breath, even if its only for five minutes. If you can do this before the kids get up.
  4. Shower! Shave those legs, awaken your body with a loofah, brush your teeth. Why? To feel blissfully human! If you do this before the kids wake up as well, then the bright side is that you get five heavenly minutes  without the incessant “mummy!!!! mummy!!!!! mummy!!!!!” If you can, do your best not to stay in your pajamas until school pick up time…
  5. Find one thing to look forward to: Once you have one thing to look forward to, smile.


I never ever thought that I would be writing tips on how to have a good day, but lets face it, when you’re a parent sometimes having a good day is as good as it gets. Let’s try to make the most of them. And if it doesn’t quite work out the way you planned don’t worry, you can always try again tomorrow.