Have you ever wondered where you came from? If it were possible for you to count back 25 generations of “mother-father” links only, would you know how many lives it took to intertwine in order for you to eventually come about? Have you ever wondered what history took place in your family? Perhaps you’ve looked at generations of your already completed family tree and seen that “it’s wonderful”, or maybe you’ve looked at it & can only see as far back as your parents.

Title - Family History - His & Her Story

Guess what? If you counted back through 25 generations of mothers & fathers only, you would count no less than 1.25 million people whom it was necessary to meet just so that you, one person, could live your life. Without speculating on what could have happened had one of those people not coupled with whom they did, somewhere among that 1.25 million people there is a story or as some of us like to call “His story & Her story” which for all you know could be the most relevant or exciting story you may ever hear, why? Because it is a part of what makes you “you”.

Lines penned by an anonymous author put it like this:

If you could see your ancestors all standing in a row.
Would you be proud of them or not or don’t you really know?
Some strange discoveries are made in climbing family trees
And some of them you know do not particularly please.

If you could see your ancestors all standing in a row.
There are some of them perhaps you wouldn’t care to know.
But there’s another question which requires a different view,
If you could see your ancestors would they be proud of you.

— Anon

In climbing family trees I have certainly found some strange discoveries which not so much as teach me a lesson or two, but more-so explain why certain families behave the way that they do! I wonder how differently we would see things if our ancestors had social media websites in the 1800’s! Robert Charles Lucas Reay

I once had a family tree that I could look upon and think “well that’s wonderful, I don’t need to do a thing!” And then the strangest thing happened. Often when I find myself in situations such as this I pray for guidance.  So I prayed one night that I would be able to find “something” in my tree that needed to be taken care of, thinking perhaps there was a story that needed to be told or something rather insignificant. For some reason unknown to myself a particular name kept coming to my thoughts, and I had an overwhelming feeling that there was a woman connected to him who needed to be found. I couldn’t for the life of me think of who this ‘woman’ might be as his parents seemed legit, his children & spouse seemed legit, consequently I hit one of the many ‘walls’ that you tend to hit when you’re researching family history. The next day I went to the store and my eftpos card declined! In calling the bank I learned that my ancestry.com account had reactivated itself without my knowledge, boy did I have a feisty complaint brewing beneath the surface. Right before I pressed the “send” button on my complaint I decided to check the messages & see if there was anything remotely of interest, of which to be honest – there was! I had received an email from a woman with information concerning one of my ancestors, informing me that a connection in our tree was not correct! Now there are multiple children in our family who bear this name in respect of our ancestors, my son included – so I was pretty keen to follow up on this. Upon doing so it seems that what this woman was claiming was completely possible! I’m going to do a series of posts about this person as I seek proof of these new claims as to be honest, my family have no clue about this and would probably like some proof as well. So follow me, as I find out who my real ancestors are.