I count my blessings in that 7pm is bedtime in our household. I count them because some days I only need one hand!

Today was one of those days… Master 2 decided to wee on the dining table bench, then unlock his car seat as we drove 100 kmph down the freeway. He continued to melt down repeatedly at the mall (elderly gentlemen took pity on me). By the time school pick up came around he had not slept (not from lack of our trying), and by the time I came home with the kids he was standing on the kitchen table… Pants less… Surrounded by half eaten mandarins from the fruit bowl. Daddy, who was working in the study quickly whisked him back off to the bedroom.

I wanted to shove my head in to a tub of cookies n cream ice cream.

Did I mention that I have joined some friends who have decided to quit sugar to improve our overall health and well being starting today? Needless to say the universe is trying to sabotage me already.

On the upside amid all the tension & deep breathing I have a spectacular bliss ball recipe which I absolutely must share. They take all of 5 minutes to make (at most), 20 minutes in the refrigerator, and voila! Chocolate fix obliterated.


1c raw unsalted cashews
1/4c cacao powder
Dash of Himalayan salt
1t vanilla extract
1T extra virgin coconut oil (for more coconut flavour use refined coconut oil)
1/4c sultanas (can use 6 pitted medjool dates tho I had none in the cupboard)
Desiccated coconut (optional)

Blitz the cashews in a food processor for 1 minute. Add remaining ingredients & 1-2t water to make the mix stick together sufficiently. Roll into balls, then roll in desiccated coconut. Refrigerate. Eat. Enjoy the subtle chocolatey awesomeness.

That’s it! Ps. These can be refrigerated for up to 8 weeks, tho I tend to eat them in under one!