I wonder if today is a good day to start blogging… Why, you ask?

Because here’s an idea of the thoughts that have crossed my mind so far:

  • “Why won’t you [Master 2] listen to me!” translation: Am I invisible to you?
  • “The dishes still aren’t done.. neither is the laundry!” Translation: Epic fail on the domestic front girlfriend
  • “I used to be good with computers… I dont understand any of this!” translation: I feel so stupid!
  • “I’ve put on so much weight!” Translation: I want trackies and ice cream

See what I mean? Today its hard to get out of my own road… Granted that the latter may be related to a reoccurring female issue. I started the day out exceptionally well! We began at 7 with personal and family prayer & breakfast, hugs and the usual morning routine with housework underway by 8. Meanwhile I thought about all the things I needed to get done for the day instead of writing them down like I usually would, so the list kept going around and around in my head and eventually it began to overwhelm me. Lesson? It’s pretty obvious: write things down and let the paper stress about the increasing number of bullet points.

So why should this reasonably ordinary day stop me from starting a blog? It shouldn’t! So it won’t. This is a regular day for a Stay at Home Mother (SAHM). So now is as good a day as any.

Now the desire to be ‘free’ from aforementioned two year old has subsided [which may or may not have anything to do with his poking his cute little bottom out & saying “I got a nice bum mum”, and it being 40 minutes until he goes to bed]. The smell of lavender being diffused into the air is very necessarily calming, and I am putting my feet up.

I’m glad that tomorrow brings with it the possibility of being a little better than today.