Tonight we decided to do something different… Husband and I recently read an interesting article on Chelsea Dyreng’s Vitamin C. It was a post about having children who didn’t want to talk to you (i.e. teenagers) and possible ways to interact with them. Given that we already have one teenager who prefers not to come around,  at home we have two young lads & a slightly pre-pubescent  tween so in anticipation of this I thought it’d be great to get a running start before all hormone hell breaks loose in our house.

Enter the roasted marshmallows over candle light around the dining table.  Master 3 didn’t eat his dinner so didn’t get to stay up late, he also has a sensitivity to sugar so it’s better that he go to bed on time (Oh darn!) 

We turned off the TV, no devices allowed and the only light came from the flame of the lit candles. All we needed was one skewer each, a packet of marshmallows to share & a lit candle. It was bliss, the kids loved it, although they could have just loved the marshmallows & Swiss Miss but the point is that they had fun and will most likely remember it for a long time. Since husband and I go on ‘dates’ with the kids tonight was kinda like a double date – at the dining table.

Who ever said that you had to go out to have fun?