Boy does time fly! I apologize for taking a break on my blog, a technical issue made it somewhat impossible for me to bear posting blogs with patience! Yes, patience, that virtue of which I have practically zilch.

 These past few months we have been super busy. I was called as the Young Womens President within our ward here in Redcliffe. For those not aware of what that is, I have been given the task of watching over a group of so many young women between the ages of 12 & 17, getting to know them, guiding and strengthening them, and helping them to foster a love for the Lord through the service of others. And who would have thought that I could love such a group as these bubbling teenage girls just itching to find their place in the world? Yes, me – the one who cried tears of joy when I found out my baby would be a boy! (Me & female hormones? We dont exactly ‘get along’)  I can honestly say that I love and adore each and every one of them. They are daughters of God and they deserve to know that He loves them and that He is there for them when they need, I can not wait to help them realize this for themselves.

 Part of my responsibility as a Young Womens President is, working with my Counsellors (of which I only have one at the moment) and secretary we organize weekly “mutual” activities which are geared towards their spiritual development, unifying and helping them to learn valuable lessons through experience. Last night our mutual was a simple “service based” activity whereby we gave someone a “heart attack”. Now I’m not talking medical emergency heart attack (no need to call 000!), I mean the kind when someone needs a perk up or a smile and we attack their house with love hearts & compliments and other little niceties all done anonymously! Like toilet papering a home without the toilet paper and negative after thoughts! It’s a joy.

 And to see the smiling faces and excitement that the girls experienced by doing something nice for someone anonymously? That just made my week!

 We also organize Sabbath day lessons & discussions in the final hour of church. These are all with materials provided by the Church, scriptures and words of the Prophets.

 Did I say that I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ? I can not wait to get ready for camp, and plan some amazing activities. We’re going to have so much fun!