It’s that time!! At the beginning of each year within the Church  Young Women (aged between 12 to 17) hold what some might LDS_Young_Women_Organization_Logo_-_Torch_with_Textperceive as a ‘preview’ in to what the Young Women’s program has in store for the coming year, and for years to come until they move on up to Relief Society (aged 18 & up). This year a common theme was “All The Places You’ll Stand” which is a Dr Seuss kind of theme. Though having been called in to the Young Women’s Presidency with little more than a week to go till D-Day and a few shaky details I decided to push it back a month and really give it my best.

One of the sweet little hand outs we prepared

One of the sweet little hand outs

First thing we did as a Presidency was change the theme, I noticed that the Dr Seuss theme was more in line with the 2014 Youth Theme “Stand in Holy Places”, and the theme for 2015 is “Embark in the Service of God (D&C 12:4)” so we thought it would be fun to have a somewhat maritime / oceanic theme! Boy did we rock the maritime theme (kudos to Kayla for the ocean themed refreshments).

Planning was super easy, we gave out assignments &  put our creative skills to the test. That however was nothing in comparison to “winging it” the day of when a few assigned folks were a no-show. I guess that’s all part of the fun of being in a leadership position within the Church, you really get to learn & grow with these experiences & rely on the Spirit for guidance and need I say “peaceful easy feelings”.

Our Program

Our Program

What an amazing experience it was! There was bunting & hanging tissue pom poms & a life preserver & sea water! So what did I learn from all of this?

With a little Hessian to cover the chalk board we added a little rustic touch

We used a little hessian to cover the chalk board

Well next time I’ll

  1. Get invitations out early. Not everybody see’s the facebook message, or the emails, or the text messages, or even the announcements in Relief Society. Seriously.
  2. Plan: Start with what needs doing i.e. Program, Music, Graphics, Assignments. Then make a note of what needs to be done by when, delegate what you can and keep on top of it
  3. Get the girls involved. It is their program after all!
  4. Remember: The entire thing will last one hour at most, so don’t stress!

By the way, some of the funky refreshments included “Sea water” (lemonade with blue food colouring), “Fish Bait” (blueberry flavored jelly with a sour worm planted in the middle), “Boats” (cupcakes with blue & white frosting with little sails coming out the top placed on a cupcake tower). Sadly we were so busy we actually forgot to take individual photos of each plate! I’ll try to remember that for next year.