Title---From-Pain-&-Suffering-to-Grace-&-EaseI was sitting with a friend today and she expressed the struggles she was having with duties she was performing in her life and she turned to me and said, “You came to my mind, you are so graceful even under pressure, how do you do it?”

I’ve been thinking about that statement, there have been women in my life that i have looked up to, maybe it was the way they did things, whether public speaking or the way she moved, the way she conducted herself or the way she was with her children. When describing what characteristic it was that was appealing to me, it was that she was able to perform all these things with grace and ease

DepressionI love these two words GRACE and EASE, I love them together. Many times we limit ourselves to believing that things have to be hard, that life has to be hard to be worthy to receive blessings, that to learn the great lessons of life we have to first pay our dues and struggle (a bit like the great artist Picasso who while he was alive couldn’t afford to eat and who for years painted mostly with one color: BLUE. Many generations after he died and in our day, his body of work known as the Blue Period is priceless. This didn’t help his cause, he died a pauper).

I believe as I change or shift my perspective my life changes, in that shift even my environment changes.

Our thoughts create our realities, its true. I had become extremely gifted at creating a life of lack: a life of struggle and of not having the kind of love and affection that I needed or wanted, a life where I had erased myself and had become a void that while vacantly participating and giving, all was without thought of self.

It was in the language I used and the thoughts I cultivated, “I dont have enough money,  we cant afford it”, “my kids are driving me crazy”  “he doesn’t tell me he loves me” and so on the list continues. I woke up one day and wished I was dead “no one would care, its not like they care anyway.” And I was well on my way to creating this reality!

It was in that moment that I saw what I was doing to myself. I was sending out an energy that my kids and husband didn’t want to be around and our communication had become stagnant. We lived below the bread-line, I was depressed, over weight and developing health issues. Life was hard, it was pain and struggle.

From pain and struggle to grace and ease, very simple: They are opposites. I realized to have the opposite, a life of abundance, a life filled with love joy and happiness, a life where I can live my true nature and bring my true gifts to the world where the current of money flows toward me effortlessly because it wants to support me, then I had to create it.

I recreated my thoughts and cultivated positive thoughts and positive experiences for my body and spirit. I have done a lot of energy healing in unblocking toxins in my systems, eliminating limited generational belief systems, meditations, using essential oils to raise body vibrations, I pray and read inspiring passages and scripture, exercising and eating a better way. In essence I have taken back my power. Pain and struggle presents itself in our lives because we have given our power away.

easeWe want to, we deserve to, and we have to accept to live a life of grace and ease, we have to choose it.

I will be faced with challenges in my life but i am perfect to meet them and I can meet them with grace and ease.

So too, can you.