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Good afternoon! So our average school run turned in to a mad dash to find a toilet for child number 3.  What a rush the afternoon was!

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Italian Zucchini Meatless Meat Balls

Yum! Now that zucchini’s are on sale for $2 kg I’ve needed recipes that satisfy… This one I rather love! Try what you will, don’t just stick to the recipe, throw in your own flavors and mess around with the quantities till your taste buds are ccontent!

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So today I made Coconut and Cashew pasta for lunch and Ben walks in to the kitchen saying

“That smells yuck! Could I have a tuna sandwich?”

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Children of Divorce Raising Children of Divorce

So I recently read a blog post by Annabashedly about loving differently as a result of being a child of divorce and I can’t help but admit that she really hit the nail on the head! This sweetly composed introspective post emanated with me catching me completely off guard because being in my mid 30’s I hadn’t actually thought about it for a very long time.  In fact, I hadn’t realized that I am a child of divorced parents, my husband is a child of divorce, and we are raising our babies who are children of divorce.  Continue reading

Don’t Waste Money, Make Your Own Bulk Soup Mix!

Today I’m feeling pretty darn cool, maybe even neat. Nothing overly dramatic has taken place except I have a new thing. What new thing could possibly be worth sharing? Well, what new thing isn’t? I am learning to be wait for it… Continue reading

I Let My 3 Year Old Sew

No I do not run a sweat shop in our school room. There’s just something enthralling about sewing to a three year old!

Such Concentration!

Such Concentration As He Threads!

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It always starts at home

It always starts at home


When our hearts are turned towards our ancestors something changes inside us — Russel M Nelson

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