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Seize Teaching Opportunities

Some days, being a step-parent is hard. Heck, some days being a parent period is hard. Well the other day we had an abnormally physical situation in our home. Children A & B had a friend over and whilst playing on the Wii one decided to be a sore loser and lashed out at the other. Child A punched child B, and child B proceeded to kick Child A in the stomach, not particularly the kind of behavior we tolerate in our household. Continue reading

How to not be a mediocre step parent

Okay, I have been at this step-parenting thing for a little while now and there’s a few points which I have learned are extremely important. Taking in to account that relationships have an ever evolving nature, the following steps have helped my relationship with my step children to progress at a rate which they are comfortable with and if I might add, have profoundly deepened the love that I have for them.

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