Title - I'm your mother I'd never lie to youI’m your mother, I would never lie to you… Unless I’m trying to cover my own butt, saving you from getting your feelings hurt or just trying to preserve what sanity I have left!

Yes, I know, lying is wrong, but sometimes it’s just easier to tell those little white lies in order to get your children to do, or not do something, to squash and awkward situation, or to just have a little quiet me time.

Here are some of the white lies I’m guilty of!

“Yes, I’m watching”
I’m watching alright. I’m watching the same scene of a movie I’ve had to rewind several times because you won’t stop asking me to watch another one of your “totally wicked” handstands. Seriously children, there is only so much enthusiasm I can fake in a day. Play it safe, aim for one real super duper handstand and leave it at that.

“That’s so funny!”
The first time. 50 times later it’s just super annoying.

“The tooth fairy stole your birthday chocolate because she didn’t want your teeth to rot”
Actually, I ate your birthday chocolate…I was hungry, and it was there. I would tell you the truth, but then I would be forced to replace your chocolate.

“We don’t any have fizzy”
Until you’re in bed, and then I’m kicking back with a HUGE bottle of fizz…and the remainder of your birthday chocolate too.

“I have no idea where your art work is”
Yes I do, I threw it out. You bring home a stack of art each week; there is simply no room for it on the fridge, in the drawers and on my bedside table. But there’s plenty room in the rubbish. I did keep a few of the good ones. See, there is a tiny heart in my almost hollow tin chest.

“In a minute”
Maybe add 30 – 60 more minutes on top of that minute.

“I’m listening”
Just not to you…I’m listening to the thoughts in my head of all the things I need to get done. You just can’t tell because I’ve perfected my listening face along with fail proof responses such as “Uh huh” “really?” and “Cool”.

“Once the batteries run out on a toy, you can’t replace them”
This lie is purely for my own sanity.

“Just tell me the truth and you won’t get in trouble”
Yes you will…yes you damn well will.


What are some little white lies you’re guilty of?


Today’s guest blogger is Chrissy Makata, home exec & mother of 3 all the way from Hamilton, New Zealand! Chrissy brings a fresh feel to lucky-ducky.com & we hope to hear more Words of Wisdom in the future!