When you’re a ‘blended family’ or in our case one who shares custody of multiple children sometimes special holidays or birthdays can be difficult to navigate. Difficult being the understatement of the step-parent year.

Basically we have the children during school holidays throughout the year and they get to spend the Christmas Holiday season with their mother. As the end of their time with us draws near they get a little quieter and thus begins the “but we’ll miss you so much” heart ache.

Now I might not have given birth to these children but I love them just the same, and miss them terribly when they’re away, so when Miss A whispers “I’ll miss you mum” into my ear it made me so sad to see the awkward sadness on her face. I love these kids. I mean I really love them.

So we decided to give them a Christmas tradition anyway.

Growing up we always set the tree up on the 1st of December, so we did just that for Family Home Evening which just happened to be the 1st of December! Husband & Father read the Christmas story and lovingly strangled the tree with fairy lights as we strategically placed red & gold baubles on the heavenward pointing evergreen branches.

Thursday is the final ‘full day’ with us so Thursday was to be our “Christmas Day”. They woke to a few small presents under the tree & to be honest I was very impressed that Mr R kept his 2 year old brother in the bedroom until Dad & I woke up! When the family was all together we sang a few Christmas songs & gave thanks with prayer and they continued to unwrap their gifts. There were book sets, and pyjamas, superman capes and more books. They were ecstatic!

That night they came home to a Christmas roast dinner and we enjoyed our last night together while celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, without whom it would not be possible for us to be together forever as a family…

Because when you love your family, why wouldn’t you want to be with them for eternity?

And that was “First Christmas” in our home. Now that the kids are away with their mother we will have “Second Christmas” with Master B and our extended family.

Being a blended family doesn’t always have to be difficult, but having family traditions helps us and the children feel closer to one another despite the distance, especially over the Christmas Season where sometimes all you need to know is that you are loved.