Okay fine I’m not the epitome of a perfect Visiting Teacher, but I try! Visiting Teaching has played such a huge role in my reactivation within the Gospel, and continual strengthening of my testimony, from having random missionaries turning up on my door step and calling me to tell me that they loved me to having the Relief Society President come and hold my baby while I fold the laundry because if I don’t fold this laundry without a baby clinging to my breast I’m going to scream like a hysterical banshee. In case you hadn’t already noticed: I am pro-visiting teaching.

So often I hear people complain that VT is voluntary and how we shouldn’t feel obligated to visit x amount of people each month because “haven’t we got enough to do?” And to be honest it makes me look back and wonder…

Warning: Rant coming

Not everyone has enough friends, or has people to share a spiritually uplifting message with them when they needed it most. Not everybody has someone to visit with them or catch up like besties over a hot cup of chocolatey goodness [Which by the way I have prepared for some of my sisters this month].

If I didn’t have visiting teachers who gave half a damn about me I wouldn’t be here, and so because I have felt the Savior’s love in such a way as this, through sisters like Diann and Anita and Kelly and every other sister who visited with me over the years, I will share that love with other fellow sisters that I am ‘assigned’ to visit. I was a less active single mother struggling with a new baby and women like these came to my aid simply because they felt prompted to do so, how were they to know I wouldn’t throw a fit and kick them out? I could’ve been a nut case? Honestly I could’ve, have you seen how badly hormones can mess with your personality? But they put their personal feelings aside and came anyway.

Following that, I am utterly and completely honored to be able to serve, visit, cook for, and love fellow daughters of the most high God. It’s like every opportunity I am given to serve is an opportunity to say

“Thank you Heavenly Father for taking a chance on me again, I’ll repay that now by helping out one of your other daughters…”

As I have loved you, love one another. It’s about love! What if, instead of viewing one another as “x from church” or “oh she’s the one with the screaming kid”, why not think of one another as, wait for it…


You know, like the kind that come from the same Spiritual Heavenly Father. Would that help? I repeat: As I have loved you, love one another. If you’re wondering where that came from, it’s in the book of John in the New Testament.