Often times we seek for guidance in our waking lives, “what school should the kids attend?” or “Should I turn left or right?”. We ponder all the options, we become expert in listing pros and cons, and occasionally

we seek the Lords guidance through prayer and fasting (More often than not without fasting). We sometimes sit idly by waiting patiently for a sign from the heavens to guide us in what we should do next.

Not all of us are of a religious background, even though I am sure that many of us believe in a higher form of some sort. Though I am about to touch on a subject that anybody can relate to: Faith.

I’m not talking faith as in religion or to hope that “God will fix everything if I sit here and do nothing”. The Oxford Dictionary definition of faith is to have “complete trust or confidence in someone or something”, synonymous with terms such as optimism, hope, and belief.