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School Pick Up [Translation: Frantic Search For A Toilet]

Good afternoon! So our average school run turned in to a mad dash to find a toilet for child number 3.  What a rush the afternoon was!

The point of this afternoons post is that as parents we often need to adapt! Even if that means pulling up someones pants, rushing off to the servo during an impromptu football training session while waiting for a bus run. If you think of it as a challenge, it makes it more enjoyable.

Sorry about the angle, I know it’s not pleasant staring down a double chin whilst looking up my nostrils! My mum-bun was firmly in place and you know what, videoing while driving is more difficult that I thought! I tried to film at the school but school parentals kept walking by. That was awkward!Have a great afternoon everybody

NB: I called husband and dinner was saved

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  1. Love watching your VLOGs sent from sitting outside school lol love you xox

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